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Sival, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of Christmas lights, holiday lights, party lights and LED string lights and accessories.
Our wholesale website should be used primarily as an online catalog of our products.

We offer wholesale/volume pricing to the following establishments who will purchase our products primarily for resale:

  • retailers and other distributors
  • event planners
  • holiday light installers
  • electrical contractors
  • cities/municipalities
  • non-profit downtown development organizations

You must have an account with us to receive wholesale pricing and quotes. For instructions on applying for a wholesale account with us, please click here.

This is our wholesale website - Retail customers please go to


Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Outdoor Light String

LED C7 and C9 Replacement (Retrofit) Bulbs

led c7, led c9

Globe Party & Wedding Light Strings 

Globe Light Sets 

 Christmas Mini Lights

Chrtistmas mini lights  

LED Light Strings

  LED Christmas Light String

Christmas Icicle Lights (Incandescent and LED)

Christmas Icicles

 Incandescent C7 and C9 Christmas Lights

C7 Replacement Bulbs

LED Falling Icicle Bulbs

LED Falling Icicle

 Net Lights

Net Lights

 C7 and C9 Light Strings and Spools

C7 Light Stringer  C9 spool

 Sign Bulbs (S11, S14 and T3/T5.5 Tubular)

   S14 11W Sign Bulbs  T5.5 Tubular Bulb


 LED S14 Light Bulbs

    LED S14 Light Bulb

Battery-Operated LED Light Strings

LED Battery Operated Lights

A19 Party Light Bulbs

Party Lights A19






 A15 Party Light Bulbs


Paper Lantern Light Strings and Bulbs

Paper Lantern Light String

LED Floralytes (Floral Lights)


C7/C9 Plugs, Plain Wire & Accessories

c7 plugs, c9 plugs, lead wire


(800) 777-8667
(408) 492-1391

8:30am - 4:30pm PST

Minimum for wholesale orders: $100

For details on eligibility for wholesale pricing, click on "Ordering Policies" tab on top of page

For retail orders, please go to